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Wedding Day Tips

From our 10+ years experience & 1,500+ brides, we have collected some valuable information that will enhance your wedding day experience. Please enjoy!

**In preparation for your wedding day, to ensure the best quality makeup application we suggest facial waxing be done 48-72 hours in advance. We highly recommend to both bride and bridal party have their eyebrows waxed as it creates a more defined appearance. We also recommend facial exfoliating including your lips 24-48 hours in advance.

**Please have everyone’s hair 100% completely dry day of event. Hair is most pliable if washed the evening before.

**If your bridal party has an early finish time to be ready, we do not recommend planning activities the day of your wedding. (Such as, manicures, going out for brunch, tours, etc.) This conflicts with our time schedule & leaves us little to no time for hair & makeup.

**We recommend having a gloss or lip color of your choice for yourself or your bridal party to touch up throughout the evening.

**Please note each service takes approximately 30-40 minutes. To assure everyone receives the BEST service, we need everyone receiving services to arrive at starting time. That way when we are finished with one client, we can begin on the next one. Creating a time schedule, when the bridal party is in & out actually -delays- our schedule because if someone is running behind schedule, it puts us behind schedule. When we are behind schedule, it puts a damper on us being able to give wonderful service, take our time & truly give a great experience.

**We suggest spray tan at LEAST 1-2 days prior to your wedding day.

**Steamer! You will need a steamer! For more than one thing, you will need a steamer especially for your dress. Call the hotel/venue & ask if they supply one. If not, make sure someone brings a small portable one ☺️ This will definitely come in hand.

***Do not receive treatments that are foreign to your skin less than 2 weeks prior to your wedding. The last thing you want is your skin to have a reaction on such an important day!

***Lash extensions are beautiful, but not necessary as we apply lashes to every makeup service (excluding children).

****We do apply extensions, but do not supply them. The brands we recommend are Euronext or Luxy. The extensions need to be 100% human hair & have the clips attached. We cannot cut/color extensions for you as we are a bridal hair & makeup company & not a salon.